Microsoft Excel® 2003 Training Course

Course Overview

Prior to Excel 2007, all versions of Excel employed "toolbars" to navigate to the various commands. If you are working with any older version of Excel (Excel 97 - 2003), you can take the Excel 2003 course and it will contain the material you need. This course is a self-study course which allows you to learn at your speed, not an instructor's pace. It starts at a Beginning level and progresses through an Advanced level. The last chapter in the course is the Comprehensive Project that you do on your own, and when completed, you will earn a certificate as an Excel Master. The Comprehensive Project focuses on three primary topics throughout the course: PivotTables, the VLOOKUP() function, and nested IF() logic.

Once you purchase the course online, you will receive an email with your user name and password. You will use this user name and password to log in to the ExcelCEO system to download the practice file used in the course, and to take review tests and final exams at the end of each chapter. The successful completion of each chapter is required before progressing to the next chapter. All of the program material and testing procedures is contained in the course manual and on the ExcelCEO website. If you order the course manual, you should receive it within a week of placing the order. If you don't order a printed manual, you can work from a PDF version of the manual (we HIGHLY recommend ordering a printed manual as it contains almost 500 pages. We'll even ship it for free!). You start reading on Page 1 and do exactly what the manual tells you to do, and when you finish, you will be an EXCEL MASTER.

Course Prerequisites

Prerequisites for taking this ExcelCEO course include a basic knowledge of a Windows operating system, and knowing how to use the keyboard and mouse. Familiarity or prior experience with Excel is helpful, but not essential.

Your Skill Evaluation

If you are unsure of your skill level, you can take a free test by clicking on the Free Test and Training link at the top of this page. Please allow about 30 minutes to an hour to take each test. You can take these free tests at the Beginning, Intermediate, Advanced, and/or Comprehensive levels.